Energy Healing Using Positive Affirmations

Throughout your journey you may have been told that “time heals all wounds”, but your wounds remain as fresh as if it was just inflicted. Your coping methods may be helpful, but at time it is still a major undertaking to maintain your emotional equilibrium. You may have been told that you will eventually learn to live with your problems, but ongoing pain and suffering have been a very hard lesson to grasp. You may believe that what happened to you was so traumatic, so dreadful, and so painful that no one could possibly completely recover. You might feel that for some reason you need or even deserve to be suffering.
Accepting day-to-day stress is not normal. There is no “length of time” for grief and sadness.

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Dr. Ceaser offers a unique and specialized treatment for anxiety, stress, feelings of nervousness and feeling overwhelmed. Dr. Ceaser has specifically treated:
  • Difficulties recovering from a physical or emotional assault
  • Coping with the death of a loved one
  • Controlling your temper and your emotions
  • Forgiving and moving on
  • Struggling with Fears and Phobias
If you are struggling with sadness, depression, or suicidal thoughts you can benefit from Dr. Ceaser’s healing methods in person or via the downloadable audio CDs.