The title of the book says it all. Dr. Ceaser's book has been extremely helpful to me and I am totally grateful that he has shared this book with all of us. I believe in Affirmations and I know this book is powerful and healing. Dr. Ceaser is the best Doctor ever. We will read about him one day as being the greatest healer this world has ever known! Everyone should have this book and use it.
Sheila McNary
The title of the book says it all. Dr. Ceaser's book has been extremely helpful to me and I am totally grateful that he has shared this book with all of us. I believe in Affirmations and I know this book is powerful and healing. Dr. Ceaser is the best Doctor ever. We will read about him one day as being the greatest healer this world has ever known! Everyone should have this book and use it.
Sheila McNary

I must say, the book “The Most Powerful Book of Affirmations Ever Written” grabbed me, stimulated my thinking, opened my eyes and my mind to an ever-widening grasp of possibilities. Yes, I shared the information with my husband who was skeptical and on a dare, I told him to select an area of concern and try it! Well,he took the dare. And, although I had promised not to say, “I told you so” I admit I did! He was not only impressed with the effect it has had on his life and now admits it was what he needed. No, he didn’t say that to me, but I overheard him telling one of our daughters this as he recommended the book for immediate purchase. The tremendous knowledge, simplicity of language and technique make the success of reaching one’s goal(s) possible. We are hoping that Dr. Sheldon Ceasar will continue writing other books. He has both remarkable insight and understanding that could be shared.

– Janet G –  August 7, 2013

Self-Help Book Like None Other

This work of Dr. Ceaser is like a personal therapy session that I can begin with each time I open the book. I receive the same benefits as I would when visiting his office for a check-up. Following his affirmations assisted with relieving myself from the daily stresses and negativity that I have faced throughout my life. As he is my own personal physician, I can attest to the benefits of his methods first hand. Many issues we face on a day-to-day basis are within ourselves rather than the outside, and this is one ideal manual for pinpointing such issues. As a person who has been a patient of Dr. Ceaser for quite a while, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes a sound state of well-being. This is a must-have investment for the mind, the body, the spirit, and the soul.

– L. Carr 

Truly Beneficial and Immediately Effective

I would highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from addiction, depression, self-esteem issues or any other negative challenges in life. Dr. Ceaser’s powerful affirmations target the “Inner Self” and help to bring remarkably quick and permanent changes to the mind, belief systems and behavior patterns of the reader. And he accomplishes this healing in a near effortless manner.  Some may be concerned or put off by the book’s $99 cost… However, if you are serious about your healing and recovery, or just want to increase your positivity, peace and inner joy, then Dr. Ceaser’s book is well worth the investment.

– William R Norman 

Holistic Medicine Put into Practice

Dr. Sheldon T. Ceaser knows the power of ridding the mind and body of the stresses and baggage and replacing them with positive love and energy. He sees it every day in his practice of internal medicine, and he has lived it in his own journey. There are so many reasons in the world to be stressed, angry and worried, and yet these negative emotions don’t make things better. Rather, they make them worse. But these emotions can be our constant companions in our anxiety-filled culture. And when we have real problems, they can stand in the way of finding our solutions and reconnecting with our true selves.  So Ceaser offers the power of affirmation. Affirming — saying, “Yes.”  I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Ceaser about many aspects of his book, including the introduction, which is his own story. He discovered the power of affirmation after practicing medicine for 15 years. He himself exudes a calmness and inner peace that is striking to me.  Do yourself a favor and keep this book by your bedside — and enjoy the simplicity and clarity of the affirmations. In that simplicity and clarity is a remarkable strength.Thank you, Dr. Ceaser, for this elegant tool. Through it, we can reconnect with ourselves, and in turn, the ones we love.

– Brooks Clark

These powerful healing affirmations are truly no joke!

One of the nice things about this book is you can take the powerful affirmation presented on the outside back cover for a test drive before you purchase the book! After reciting the affirmation that she had chosen, and then feeling the positive shift in her body and mind, a friend who is a popular minister/teacher/counselor said in impressed astonishment “These affirmations are truly no joke!” Let me tell you, if you are interested in seeing yourself and others enter rapidly, easily and greatly into a thought/belief mode that readily supports healing; then you have got to recite and share the affirmations found in this book titled “The Most Powerful Book of Affirmations Ever Written by Sheldon T. Ceaser M.D.”I am telling you…for less than the cost of one of Dr. Ceaser’s office visits, I know because I checked, this M.D.’s book gives you one or more energetically powerful affirmation(s) for supporting the healing process of almost any health (mind, body, spirit and emotions) related issue you can think of; each plainly indexed in the table of contents of the book. Even the children that I work with could follow and benefit positively from these beautifully expressed words. We all have heard that words have great power: They can wound or they can heal! Words/beliefs can change matter on the quantum level according to some new quantum science research. The penetrating word-understandings in Dr. Sheldon T. Ceaser’s affirmations are truly infused with the quantum energetic vibrations of “the healing force”; thus having far greater power than mere positive words or statements. The powerful affirmations in this book seem to go beyond the conscious mind; by-passing it and permeating deep into the subconscious and perhaps even genetic memories for impressively positive results.I have used Dr. Ceaser’s affirmations with my clients and myself, and it seems to me that even those tough crystalline structures of negative belief (just recently identified by the new quantum science researchers) are greatly weakened, and in most cases, shattered in the mind/brain/belief connection. Even my hardest to reach clients and friends have responded positively to the reciting of the appropriate affirmations. The reader/affirmer is also simultaneously given equally powerful positive word-thoughts to replace the old; quickly ushering in personal wholeness and new positive belief systems. As a certified Hado Instructor, I understand the energetic process of healing on many levels. I have been certified, trained or studied aromatherapy, reflexology, quantum touch, Tia Chi and more, and I can tell you honestly, this book definitely feels as if it is generously infused with an impressive Hz level of healing prana/hado or energy that can be used in the rebalancing of our human selves.I wouldn’t be surprised if this book ends up on the Best Seller’s List as I totally believe in its powerful affirmations. If this book is any indication, Dr. Sheldon Ceaser is on his way to being one the next big names in modern energetic medicine and healing process supportive techniques! Sincerely, Marie

– Marie

Becoming a Believer

I am new to the affirmations in Dr. Ceaser’s wonderful book, and, frankly, I was a little skeptical. I did have some experience with the power of visualization, and I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Upon reconnecting with Dr. Ceaser several decades after we graduated from college, I was struck by his calm, confident demeanor, and by his promise that his affirmations can help anyone. After reading many of them, I have been struck by their simple power, and I look forward to sharing them with my undergraduate students. Building the affirmations Ceaser includes in his book into one’s daily routine makes sense, and there is no reason not to try them. I particularly found the affirmations in Chapter 15 on aging and feeling young forever to be pertinent, helpful, and powerful. He encourages and empowers us to take care of ourselves and to make our own lives better.

Thomas M. Swartwood

It Works!!!,

This book is fantastic if you are trying to get control of your life back. I have struggled with smoking since I was 15 and this book has helped me to kick the habit. There are so many uses for this book and will make sure that you are approaching things in the right way and in the right frame of mind. This is a very useful book and well worth reading.

– Eric – July 15, 2013