My name is Dr. Sheldon T. Ceaser M.D. I provide a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness for the mind and body. One of the most devastating problems that we face in our society is stress and other emotional imbalances. The conventional treatment for stress is not very effective and the side effects of stress medications are often intolerable.  Ten years ago I became aware of an amazing unique gift that I have been blessed with. I found that I could instantly change painful, limiting, negative thoughts and feelings. Not only could I change myself, but also my patients, family, friends and anyone in need of help.  I could eliminate anyone’s stress, or change the way they think or feel by having them repeat affirmations. This led me on a journey to cleanse myself of all negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The aim was to free myself from any negative experiences, eliminate any pain and suffering and strengthen myself so that I am not negatively affected by any future experiences. Although the journey has been long and challenging, I have been able to accomplish my goals.

Last year I published a book called, “The Most Powerful Book of Affirmations Ever Written”. This book is unique in that if you were suffering from any emotional issues, you would go to the section pertaining to that issue, repeat the affirmations, and resolve the issue instantly. While reading the book you will feel the energy flowing throughout your body. The book is very powerful and has helped thousands of readers. Although the book is powerful by itself, I continued to search for ways to improve the effectiveness of my affirmations.

Throughout the ages water has been shown to have miraculous healing properties. Our body is composed of seventy to eighty percent water. Without water life cannot be sustained. Water also reportedly has a perfect memory. Through the use of sound, vibrations, thoughts, and other means, water can be restructured. Using the amazing properties of waters I have been able to imprint my affirmations onto water to realize a more profound affect. The combination of my affirmations with water makes it one of the most powerful tools you will ever encounter to address many stresses and emotional imbalances that we face daily. My “Structured Healing Waters” does not require any belief system, nor does it conflict with any belief system. After drinking the water you will change within minutes. My Balance Stress Formula will make you feel relaxed and stress free within two minutes. It will not only eliminate stress it will remove all negative thoughts and feelings. You will feel relaxed and many report feeling elated.  Although I witness the miraculous results of the water on a regular basis, I am still at awe with what I see. I encourage you to try the waters and the book.  Change your life and end your suffering today.  I am able to structure and energize water anywhere around the globe.

To arrange for consultation over the phone or in person feel free to contact me at 773-846-1200.

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