The Most Powerful Video Ever Created

The Most Powerful Video Ever Created

This is a powerful video created by Sheldon T. Ceaser, M.D. We all know the negative impact that stress has on our lives. We are aware of the damaging and crippling effects of past traumatic experiences. We witness and feel every day the impact that fear, panic attacks, anger, rage, and other negative emotions, negative feelings, and negative thoughts, have on ourselves and others.

We feel the pain associated with the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, failure to achieve our goals or realize our dreams. Being human, we feel other’s pain, either friend or stranger. Some of us hear the negative voices telling us to end our lives.We, also, are aware that the task to overcome these challenges is monumental.There are temporary, day to day activities that we do to relieve the pain, the tension, and the suffering, but rarely do we find lasting solutions. Ideally, the method to alleviate or eliminate one’s pain and suffering should be painless, harmless, quick, highly effective and sustainable. Unfortunately, our methods fall short.

Dr. Ceaser has a unique ability to interact with our Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, Higher Self, Lower Self, Soul, Body, and Spirit, to almost instantly eliminate our emotional pain, internal suffering and internal conflicts, negative feelings, and negative thoughts. Dr.Ceaser’s method is highly effective. His success rate approaches 95%. In order to achieve this success rate, Dr.Ceaser has devoted an average of eight to ten hours every day for the past thirteen years to perfect his method. Dr.Ceaser uses affirmations embedded with affirmations. What this means is that when your conscious mind repeats the seven affirmations on this video, your subconscious mind which is infinitely more powerful, and can process a larger amount of information in a shorter period of time, hears, processes, and acts on three to four thousand affirmations. This is why you will get spectacular, phenomenal results.

Some of the affirmations not consciously heard on this video can be found in his book: “THE MOST POWERFUL BOOK OF AFFIRMATIONS EVER WRITTEN.” Dr. Ceaser charges a minimum price of one dollar because he would like to help as many people as possible who are suffering and struggling. This is not just a two-minute video to make you feel good. It is years of counseling and therapy in a two-minute video. If you are presently under counseling or therapy use this video as an adjunct, not replacement.

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